What Is The Best Free Website Builder? Let’s Investigate

In this post, I’m going to showcase some of the best free website builder options available – and also give you some tips on what are the best ways to make a page.

In my professional life, I’ve made dozens of websites – some of them just for fun. Some – to make money and build my business presence. And I found some of the most powerful free solutions coming from these builders:


Believe it or not, a free website builder can cover the needs of all the different types of websites.

Well… Sort of.

I’m not here to sell you snake oil and magic beans. You won’t build the new Amazon without spending a little bit of money. Free website builders commonly suffer from issues, such as:

  • Weak server performance (good admins need money to buy food)
  • Limitations on what and how many pages you can build
  • No eCommerce features (you gotta buy online to sell online)
  • Weak or none customer support
  • And much more….

Yes – during many months of testing, I found so many awful free website builders that are practically unusable.

angelfire website builder

But some of those still managed to rise above the rest and be genuinely good options for anyone to make a website.

Best Free Website Builders – List

With all the strengths and flaws in mind, there are quite a few entirely free website builder plans. And after all the tests and reviews, I want to present to you the best ones in the market.

So without further ado, here are the 10 best free website builders: 

  1. Wix (Great design flexibility)
  2. SITE123 (Beginner-friendly free website builder)
  3. WordPress.com (Powerful blogging features)
  4. Constant Contact (Feature-rich free website builder)
  5. Strikingly (Stunning single-page designs)
  6. Jimdo (Impressive multi-language functionality)
  7. Weebly (Professional website templates)
  8. Mozello (Free online store builder)
  9. Ucraft (Basic builder with powerful themes)
  10. Webnode (Good for getting online fast)

1. Wix

Recommended for: Those who want access to powerful design flexibility. 


First of all, I certainly enjoyed how powerful Wix website builder really is. 

It combines a pixel-precise drag-and-drop editor and a big range of customization features, so you can make your website exactly the way you want it to be.

On top of this, Wix is quite intuitive to get started with. Once I’ve signed up for an account, the next step was a simple questionnaire. Here I set the type of website as well as what I was hoping to achieve with it. 

wix starting setup page

Following this, I was presented with a choice between Wix’s two editing interfaces: the Wix Editor and Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). 

Wix ADI is quite simple and aimed at web development beginners who want to get online quickly with a minimum amount of fuss.

Basically, it will provide a custom design template, that will be altered depending on your needs and content preferences. Then, all that’s left is to add your own content.

wix customization and editor

But for those that wish to customize their website personally, the Wix Editor offers significantly more design flexibility.

It comes with a huge number of editing tools allowing to adjust each detail of your website.

wix editing options

But, the number of features can bring some confusion and become a bit difficult to get started with. 

Anyway, I’m more bothered that there is no custom domain with Wix free plan. You will be stuck with a branded subdomain that will look something like mywebsite.wixsite.com. A domain name like this makes it hard to build a professional image. 

But if you already own a domain, Wix allows connecting your free page with it. So I guess that counts as a way out.

wix connecting domain address

However, you will be able to upgrade to a paid subscription at any time if you want to add a custom domain and begin to grow your site. Wix’s cheapest plan will cost you $5/month, which means it’s still quite affordable.

However, if you want a website without Wix ads you will have to pay $11/month for a Combo plan. 

Limitations and Advertisements

Like most free website builder plans, Wix’s free subscription comes with a range of limitations. These can impact the website building experience, so be aware of what they are and whether or not they’re important to you. 

As mentioned before, all free Wix websites come with a branded subdomain and Wix advertising. You will also have to put up with a Wix favicon.

But what’s even more annoying is the limited storage and bandwidth – only 500MB each. 

On top of this, a free Wix subscription doesn’t come with any online payment options or the ability to integrate Google Analytics. You will have access to customer support, but response times can be slow unless you upgrade. 

All things considered, Wix’s free website builder isn’t too bad. It does come with quite limited server resources and considerable advertising, but it’s more than good enough for a basic personal site. 


  • Powerful editing interface
  • Beginner-friendly Wix ADI
  • Great features included in free plan


  • Wix Editor can be confusing
  • No custom domain with free plan
  • Wix ads with free plan

2. SITE123 

Recommended for: Those who want to get online fast. 


SITE123 is a great option if you want to build a basic website without spending too much time or effort. During my research, I found the website builder to be somewhat limited, but at the same time very intuitive and beginner-friendly. 

One of the things that get right into your face is how SITE123 markets itself as “by far the easiest free website builder”.

Can I confirm it?

Well, even with the skepticism for marketing tricks there’s actually a solid case for its simplicity.

SITE123 homepage

Starting a website with SITE123 involves a quick three-step process. In addition to being asked to input basic signup details, you’ll be quizzed on what type of website you want and what it should be called.

Following this, you will be taken directly to the editing interface, where you will be able to begin customizing your site. 

site123 choosing a type of website

The SITE123 website builder doesn’t offer anything like the same level of design flexibility as Wix.

But this is actually one of its strengths.

Its simplicity means that people of all skill levels can use it with ease, and you shouldn’t have any trouble publishing a new site within a couple of hours. 

site123 editing a website

Unfortunately, SITE123’s free plan has a horrible flaw on the domain front. Not only does it give you a branded subdomain, but this subdomain won’t even be related to your website name.

As you can see in the image below, it will be made up of a random string of numbers and letters. 

site123 free plan domain name

Good luck spelling that out in your next business meeting.

To fix that, you can to connect a custom domain with a paid subscription. This would cost you at least $7.80/month for the Basic plan.

Now, it does give you a free custom domain for a year and removes all SITE123 advertising, but it’s a little on the expensive side. Especially knowing that it includes only 10GB of storage and 5GB of bandwidth.

So I can’t really recommend SITE123 if you plan on scaling to a bigger website.

Limitations and Advertisements

Despite advertising itself as one of the best free website builders available, SITE123’s free plan is quite limited. You won’t have access to advanced design features or plugins unless you upgrade, and the branded subdomain is, quite frankly, terrible. 

On top of this, SITE123’s free subscription comes with quite invasive advertising, which began to annoy me almost immediately.

First, it attaches a scrolling advert to your website. For me, this ad really stood out, detracting from my site’s design.

You will also be stuck with a “Powered by SITE123 – Website creator” footer tag, although it doesn’t seem to me as a big deal. 

site123 free account - banner

All things considered, SITE123 is a decent free website builder if you want to get online fast. It’s quite basic and it has plenty of limitations, but it remains a good choice for small personal websites that don’t need too many advanced features. 


  • Extremely intuitive website builder
  • Allows you to get online fast


  • Very limited scalability
  • Expensive upgraded plans

3. WordPress.com 

Recommended for: Blog focused websites. 


In the past, WordPress.com was the world’s most popular blogging platform. Although it has expanded to cater for websites of all shapes and sizes, it remains a great choice for those who want to create a free personal blog. 

wordpress.com homepage

Before I get into detail about WordPress.com, it’s important to differentiate between it and WordPress.org.

Basically, WordPress.org is a self-hosted content management system which is extremely powerful but significantly more complicated to use. On the other hand, WordPress.com is like every other option on this list – an intuitive all-inclusive website builder. 

Setting up a website with WordPress.com is quite straightforward. Following the prompts will allow you to get online relatively quickly and without any technical skills.

But to be frank, I’m not a huge fan of its editing interface. 

Unlike most other website builders – which tend to use some form of a drag-and-drop editor – WordPress.com actually uses a block-based editor. Moreover, it doesn’t allow you to directly see the changes as you do them – only as a preview on a separate page.

wordpress.com editor

On the other hand, limited design flexibility can be seen as a safe option.

By having strict formatting rules you can pay less attention to the design process. Simply remain within the set of a chosen template to maintain a functional and balanced design.

Moving on, with the free plan, WordPress.com doesn’t allow you to connect a custom domain. But it also doesn’t use branded subdomains.

Sure, the free domain you will be given won’t be anything special or specific to your website, but at least it will be free of advertising

wordpress.com choosing a domain

To get a custom domain, you’ll have to go with a paid plan for at least $4/month. That actually is really affordable upgrade. It will also remove WordPress.com ads from your website and give you access to increased customization options. 

All things considered, WordPress.com is one of the better free website builders, but it certainly has its limitations. Speaking of which…

Limitations and Advertisements

Like most other free website builders, WordPress.com’s free subscription only includes limited features. It also comes with platform advertising, which can be annoying if you’re trying to shape a professional brand. 

One thing that annoyed me was the limited themes available to WordPress.com free users.

Although the platform advertises its thousands of themes, the vast majority of these are only accessible with paid subscriptions. 

wordpress.com plugins

Similarly, you won’t be able to add plugins to your free website. Advertising isn’t an option, and you will have very limited control over your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) settings. 

All things considered, I recommend a free WordPress.com website for those who want to build a simple blog that doesn’t need many features. Just make sure you’re prepared for random ads to pop up throughout your site.


  • Very simple website builder
  • Great for blogs
  • No branded subdomain


  • Hard to scale your website
  • Advertising in random locations
  • Small choice of free themes

4. Constant Contact 

Recommended for: Businesses looking for a simple website. 


Constant Contact is a relatively new website builder that allows users to create free websites fast and efficiently. It’s focused purely for businesses: why would I assume that?

That’s because Constant Contact is first and foremost known for its email marketing tools – and a website builder is an additional feature for businesses to reach their clients.

That being said, I didn’t find this free website builder to be an afterthought. Far from that – it’s modern, extremely intuitive, and I enjoyed editing with it.

Constant Contact homepage

At the same time, the Constant Contact management dashboard is unique and cleverly designed. It presents all of your site’s pages in one place, which reduces confusion.

On top of this, it even allows you to edit your header and footer code, which means you can add various analytics or marketing integrations. 

constant contact editing process

I also like the fact that Constant Contact gives you access to most of its website builder features with its free plan.

Except that you won’t be able to connect a custom domain unless you upgrade to the Starter plan, which costs $10/month. But if you can ignore this, you shouldn’t find too much lacking. 

Limitations and Advertisements

Although most basic website builder features are available at no cost, you will have several constraints with Constant Contact’s free plan: 

  • A banner ad will be present on your website at all times. 
  • You won’t be able to add any sort of online store or eCommerce functionality. 
  • Advanced data and analytics won’t be available. 
  • Support will be limited to online chat and email.

As you can see, most of these are usual premium features that would be payable with any website builder. Therefore, I wouldn’t really label them as uncommon limitations. 

With all that considered – I definitely recommend Constant Contact for businesses to present information to its visitors. It’s a very simple way to go online.


  • Feature-rich free builder
  • Intuitive dashboard


  • No free eCommerce features
  • Limited support with free plan

5. Strikingly 

Recommended for: Attractive single-page websites. 


If you want to build a strikingly simple one-page website, well then, go with Strikingly website builder. Cheesy, right? But true.

This builder comes with a range of well-designed templates, an intuitive editor, and a decent set of features. It even allows creating a store with a free plan. A tiny one, but, still a store! 

Personally, I love Strikingly’s template library. It contains a comprehensive selection of attractive single-page themes. Those are great for building an attractive website without having a lot of design experience. 

strikingly homepage

Starting a website is as easy as choosing a template that appeals to you and going right into editing it.

You will see that Strikingly categorizes its template library quite heavily, allowing you to narrow down your choices in a matter of minutes. 

On top of this, Strikingly’s editing interface is great. Its section-oriented nature means that managing your design is quite straightforward.

It doesn’t allow such detailed customization like Wix or Weebly, but you can add and remove sections as needed. Choose the elements from the interactive list on the side of the page and set the order as you want.

strikingly editing process

One of the things that set Strikingly apart from other free website builders is the ability to add a simple eCommerce store. You will only be able to add one product without upgrading to a paid plan, but still, this is better than none. 

However, Strikingly doesn’t allow you to connect a custom domain without upgrading. Your free website will have a branded subdomain such as mywebsite.strikingly.com, which will almost certainly impact your professional image.

Upgrading to a paid subscription will cost you at least $12/month, but will allow you to connect your own custom domain and scale your website. You will also be able to create additional sites and add up to five products to your store. 

Limitations and Advertisements

Strikingly is arguably the best free website builder for single-page websites, but the free plan still has its limitations. 

  • The size of your store will be limited to one product. 
  • A scrolling Strikingly advertising banner will be visible at the bottom of your website. 
  • You won’t be able to add any custom code. 
  • Your website won’t be able to have more than one page. 

None of these limitations are catastrophic, so I’d definitely encourage signing up and exploring the Strikingly editor if you want to build a free single-page website


  • Great one-page designs
  • Simple store tools
  • Intuitive section-oriented editor


  • Invasive advertising banner
  • Only single-page websites with free plan

6. Jimdo

Recommended for: Basic multi-language websites. 


Jimdo is a free website builder with a quick sign-up process and a range of interesting features. 

The first thing that caught my eye was Jimdo’s multiple-language functionality. Most free website builders don’t offer this, so it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re targeting a diverse, multicultural audience. 

Another one was starting a website simply with a questionnaire.

Thing is, with Jimdo you can choose between two setup methods – “no coding required” option, and the “editor for coding experts”.

The latter is a very simple editor, in which you can edit a preselected theme. Nothing major, nothing exciting, and certainly nothing to be one of the top free website builders.

jimdo homepage

The real star of the show is the “no coding required” builder, called Jimdo Dolphin. It uses AI to help you with the setup process so starting-up you’ll be asked a number of questions about the intents and goals of your website.

jimdo dolphin setup process
Jimdo Dolphin website setup process
jimdo dolphin setup process - topic

Then, you will be able to select your preferred website style, required pages, and a color palette. You can also connect your social media and integrate content from there. For example, pictures from Instagram.

At the end, when your website will finally be created, a virtual assistant will offer suggestions to personalize the website even further.

Those keeping score at home may find this system to be very similar to Wix ADI.

It’s true! I found them both very similar. But I suggest trying out Jimdo, if you weren’t fully pleased with Wix AI. Jimdo has a different approach to website design or editing options.

For example, I was pretty excited about the content blocks, which allowed me to select a preferred method of displaying content without having to edit everything manually.

jimdo dolphin choosing content block

And although it can be considered as more limiting, to some, this method could prove to be better than highly flexible ones.

Limitations and Advertisements

Like all free website builders, Jimdo comes with various limitations and restrictions. For example, you can’t connect a custom domain without upgrading to a paid subscription, and you will have limited access to some features:

  • You will only be able to add up to five pages to your website. 
  • Storage is limited to 500MB and bandwidth to 2GB. 
  • Jimdo advertising is placed at the bottom of each page. 
  • You won’t be able to modify your SEO settings. 
  • Customer support isn’t included without a paid subscription

All of those restrictions will be lifted if you choose a premium plan that will cost $9 a month. Not a terrific price – but not too bad, either.

Ultimately, Jimdo’s free website builder is functional and intuitive. A special trait is the multi-language features. But on the negative side, due to very limited resources, you won’t be able to support large files or high visitor numbers. 


  • Multi-language functionality
  • Smart and intuitive sign-up process
  • Simple editing interface


  • Limited server resources with free plan
  • Branded Jimdo subdomain
  • Free websites constrained to five pages

7. Weebly

Recommended for: Those who want to base their website on a professional design template. 


Weebly is one of the juggernauts of the website building industry. For many years, I, together with a lot of people, saw it as one of the main “go-to” builders for those who want to create basic free websites. And even though now the competition is way tougher than it was in, let’s say, 2010, it still absolutely holds up and it’s easy to see why.

Getting started with Weebly only takes a few minutes, and creating a basic site is as simple as choosing a template and repopulating it with your own content. 

Although Weebly’s template library isn’t huge – for example, there are only eight free blog templates available – it tends to be very well maintained.

weebly theme selection

Its team of professional developers regularly update designs to include the latest web development trends. I’ve used several types of Weebly themes and I was never disappointed.

What makes them even more adaptable is that you can customize your template to include specific features and design elements.

I found the Weebly editor to be quite intuitive and beginner-friendly, allowing you to add custom content and fine-tune your overall design. 

weebly editing experience

Unfortunately, Weebly doesn’t allow you to connect a custom domain to your free website.

Upgrading to the Connect plan will allow you to do this, but it will cost you $5/month. Along with that, a paid subscription will open up access to a range of powerful tools to help you scale your website.

weebly - choosing a domain name

But although Weebly’s free subscription looks great on the surface, you will run into problems if you try and do anything more than creating a simple website. 

Limitations and Advertisements

All things considered, Weebly’s free subscription allows very little. Even some of the most basic features are unavailable without upgrading to a paid plan, and you won’t have access to any eCommerce tools.

  • Phone support is unavailable without a paid subscription. 
  • Storage is limited to 500MB. 
  • Access to advanced site statistics is blocked. 
  • Any form of eCommerce or payment receipt is impossible. 
  • Site search features can’t be added. 

All things considered, I’d recommend signing up for a free Weebly website if attractive designs are important to you. It isn’t the most feature-rich free website builder available, but it certainly looks good. 


  • Modern design templates
  • Intuitive website builder 
  • Fast website creation


  • eCommerce only with paid subscriptions
  • Storage is capped at 500MB
  • Weebly advertising can be quite invasive

8. Mozello 

Recommended for: Small eCommerce stores. 


Founded in 2015, Mozello is a relative newcomer to the website building industry. Well then, allow me to demonstrate how do you break into the saturated market of free website builders.

You simply offer more than others. It’s just that simple.

This is the most inclusive free eCommerce option on this list: with Mozello, you’ll be able to make an online shop with up to 5 products. It also allows you to integrate Google Analytics and customize your SEO settings.

mozello - create free sotre

Getting started is pretty simple, too: I signed up by quickly gliding through the registration process, where I was only asked a few details about the website I wanted to build. This took just about two minutes to go through and choose the design.

mozello - selecting design

The Mozello website builder is basic but smooth. It offers a great range of editing options and essentially allows to build whatever website you want. 

I particularly like the fact that Mozello doesn’t place a lot of constraints on its free website builder.

It allows you to add as many pages as you want, create versatile menus and submenus, and customize every element on your site. It even gives access to an HTML code editor allowing to fine-tune your design.

mozello editor

That being said, you may notice that Mozello’s templates aren’t nearly as beautiful as many others in the competition.

So if you’re looking for a beautiful website in just a couple minutes – Mozello may not be the perfect option.

Limitations and Advertisements

Mozello has certain limitations. They aren’t as glaringly obvious as with some other platforms, but they’re certainly there. 

  • You won’t be able to connect a custom domain but will be forced to use a subdomain in the form mywebsite.mozello.com
  • Storage is limited to 500MB. 
  • A small “created with Mozello” tag will be placed at the bottom of your site. 
  • The template designs can be disappointing if you aim to create a really modern website. 

Although Mozello’s free website builder isn’t perfect, it’s about as close to it as you can get. I’d recommend giving it a go if you’re looking for a down-to-earth, no-fuss builder that gets the job done


  • Free online store
  • Full SEO access
  • Google Analytics integrations
  • Great design flexibility


  • Limited storage space
  • Generic design templates

9. Ucraft 

Recommended for: Those looking for a basic builder with powerful templates. 


I love minimalist website designs – they put you and your content in the focus. If you’re just like me, you’ll love Ucraft, as it specializes in tidy, responsive site design.

This builder comes complete with a beginner-friendly drag-and-drop editor, which makes it a good choice for everyone from business owners and bloggers to artists and other creatives. 

ucraft homepage

Now, Ucraft offers both a free website builder and a free trial for all of its paid plans.

It’s important to note that it doesn’t allow downgrading. Therefore, I’d recommend starting with the free builder, even if you’re thinking about paying for a subscription in the future. 

One of the things that stands out to me about Ucraft is its great template library. It’s cleverly categorized to help you choose a theme that suits your vision, and every design is professionally made and has clearly been built with modern trends in mind. They’re simple, tidy, and absolutely beautiful.

ucraft - choosing template

In addition to that, I have to admit that I did enjoy playing with the Ucraft editor. It certainly isn’t the most powerful website building platform on the market, but it’s fun and intuitive. And, its block-based editing interface means that it’s hard to build an unappealing website, even if you have no design skills or training. 

ucraft editor

However, it’s worth noting that many of Ucraft’s more advanced editing features are disabled with its free plan, which could severely constrain your website building experience. 

Limitations and Advertisements

On top of this, Ucrafts free website builder comes with numerous other limitations and constraints that aren’t immediately obvious when you sign up. Make sure that you’re aware of these. 

  • You will be stuck with a Ucraft branded subdomain. Connecting a custom domain will require paying $12/month to upgrade to a paid subscription. 
  • Despite advertising eCommerce, Ucraft’s free website builder offers zero online store features. 
  • Many editing features are disabled with a free subscription. 
  • A large banner ad will be displayed at the bottom of your website. 
  • Blogging tools won’t be available.

For me, the biggest problem with Ucraft’s free website builder is its lack of blogging tools. If you can look past this, then it’s an acceptable option for those who want to take advantage of a quick and easy website building platform. 


  • Fast website builder
  • Attractive design templates


  • No blogging features
  • Prominent advertising
  • Limited website editing features with free plan

10. Webnode 

Recommended for: Those who want to get online fast. 


Although not widely known, Webnode nonetheless remains a great option for those who want to build a free website. It claims to allow users to create a free website in a matter of minutes, and this isn’t too far off the mark. 

webnode homepage

In reality, it will probably take you more than a few minutes to get online with Webnode, but I managed to build a simple, yet attractive, free website within a couple of hours

However, Webnode’s section-based editor is quite limited.

It doesn’t offer anywhere near the same design flexibility as some of the other providers on this list, and this can impact your ability to create a truly customized website.

Still, it remains very easy to use.

webnode editor

You will be able to add and remove sections, edit text, and place different elements where you want them on your site. However, even basic global design features such as font and color scheme editing are basically non-existent

On top of this, Webnode’s free website builder comes with a range of other limitations.

Limitations and Advertisements

How restricting a free account can be? Well, take a look at meager 100MB of storage and 1GB of bandwidth offered by Webnode and you’ll understand.

Such storage is basically nothing, and won’t be enough for anything but the simplest sites. 

And here are some of the other constraints you should be aware of when you’re using Webnode: 

  • Having to use a branded subdomain. 
  • Working with Webnode advertising at the bottom of your website. 
  • Being unable to create an eCommerce store. 
  • Having no access to a business email account. 

As you should be able to see, Webnode is an acceptable choice if you just want to get a basic website online for free, but it certainly isn’t the most powerful or feature-rich free website builder available. 


  • Fast website builder
  • Very beginner-friendly
  • Quick sign-up process


  • Very limited server resources
  • No eCommerce features included in free plan
  • Branded subdomain and Webnode advertising

| Why Do You Need a Website? 

The number of websites online has grown exponentially over the past couple of decades. With that, having a web presence is now an essential part of running a business. Websites are also a great way to showcase personal projects, especially if you’re a creative trying to gain exposure. 

Because of that popularity, building a website has never been easier than it is today. You don’t need any special skills or training. The rise of all-inclusive website builders means that even people with extremely limited tech knowledge can create their own simple sites. 

A Website Will Increase Your Reach

Reaching a larger audience is one of the best ways to grow your business and increase your income stream. Building a website helps you do this because it will: 

  • Give you a digital address where people can discover you and your services. 
  • Allow you to sell your products or services online.
  • Increase your exposure in the competitive world of modern business. 

Keep in mind that a free website usually won’t allow you to sell products or receive payments. There are exceptions such as Mozello and Strikingly allowing to sell 1 or 5 items.

But even without an online store, a free website will still be better than no website at all. 

A Website Will Add Credibility to Your Business

Likewise, building a small business website will help increase consumer confidence, allowing potential clients to trust you and your services. But, it’s important that you develop a professional online appearance if you’re trying to add credibility to your business, and free website builders aren’t usually the best way to do this. 

Instead, I’d recommend upgrading to a paid plan that allows you to connect a custom domain and remove unwanted advertising.

Of course, it’s a few dollars per month, but the potential return on investment is massive. 

And there are cheap upgrade options like $4/mo with WordPress.com or $5/mo with Wix that allow adding a custom domain as well as customize your site better.

A Website Is a Great Way to Showcase Your Work

If you’re an artist, musician, or any other type of creative, you might find that you have trouble getting people to see your work. Building a small portfolio website is a great way to overcome this barrier, as it immediately removes geographic constraints. 

In this case, it’s a good idea to start with a small website which showcases some of your best work. Builders like Wix and Weebly have great templates and allow high-quality images even with the free plans.

If you’re trying to gain new clients, then make sure they know where to find your work. Similarly, you might decide to list some of your works for sale.  

To do all that, you don’t need to hire a professional web developer – there are plenty of website builders with various functions to get your ideas going. And some of them can be used at no cost.

Well, at least partially.

| Are Free Builders Really Free? 

In reality, very little is truly free in the modern world. The same applies to website builders. Although you might be able to create a website without spending a cent, the platform you use will benefit in some way or another. 

For one, almost every free website builder includes some sort of advertising within free websites. Similarly, they usually force you to use branded subdomains which also act as a form of advertising. 

On top of this, most website builders that offer a free subscription actually work on a freemium model. Basically, users create a website for free, but to get the actually good product, they must upgrade for a paid subscription. 

For example, most website builders only allow eCommerce features with paid plans. Similarly, many free builders don’t allow you to access your site’s SEO features, which can be somewhat limiting. 

All things considered, you can build a website for free, but keep in mind that you’ll probably want an upgrade sooner or later.

Many people who start with a free subscription end up upgrading their website to a paid plan anyway.

My advice on choosing the best free website builder is looking at what would be your options to upgrade. Besides selecting the best free deals, check out what overall best website builders are. 

| The Drawbacks of Free Websites

Although free website builders might seem like a great way to start your own site without any significant financial outlay, they aren’t always what they seem.

Most free website builders come with significant limitations that can affect the quality of the site you build.

Therefore, even when you can only afford a free version, keep in mind that it’s worth upgrading to a paid subscription if you’re serious about succeeding.

Here I’ll explain some of the major drawbacks of free website builders. These limitations are usually quite consistent across the board, but it’s important to do your research into each website builder before you use it. 

1. Template Choice

Although some free website builders provide access to their entire template library, others will severely constrain your choice.

For example, WordPress.com offers a very limited selection of free templates. But paid subscribers will be able to choose from thousands of professionally designed themes.

premium wordpress themes - example

In some cases, you may have to pay separately for each theme you’re planning to use.

2. Performance and Storage

Similarly, almost all free website builders come with severely limited server resources. This won’t always be a problem, but you will find it difficult to build a website that can handle large visitor numbers unless you upgrade to a paid plan. 

3. eCommerce

A simple website can be a great way to drive product sales. However, there really aren’t any high-quality free online store builders available

Some platforms, such as Mozello and Strikingly, allow you to add very small or limited stores to your free website.

Strikingly free plan - sell one product

But, you won’t usually be able to add more than a few products or access anything other than the most basic selling tools unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

4. Custom Domain Connection

A very few free website builders allow you to connect a custom domain. Usually, you will be stuck with a generic subdomain that looks something like mywebsite.websitebuilder.com.

As you can imagine, this isn’t anywhere near as professional or attractive as a simple mywebsite.com style domain. 

If you’re building a business or portfolio website, it’s definitely worth spending a few dollars a month to upgrade to a basic connect domain plan.


Remember, these paid plans often come with additional features and almost always eliminate unwanted advertising from your site. 

5. Customer Support 

It’s also worth exploring the customer support options that your website builder offers.

Some platforms offer comprehensive support with their free plans, but mostly you’ll find very limited to none. This can make it more difficult to get started if you don’t have a web development experience. 

But certainly not only that.

Having quality support is important when dealing with rising issues while maintaining the website.

6. Marketing Tools

Finally, look at the marketing tools your website builder offers. In some cases, you will be able to integrate things like Google Analytics and various social media platforms with your free website. 

However, most free website builders severely limit the marketing tools that they give you access to.

In some cases, they will even prevent you from modifying your site’s basic SEO information, which can make it hard to achieve a good search engine ranking. 

Consider Upgrading to a Paid Plan

Generally, a basic paid subscription will cost anything from $4 to $50+ per month, depending on the website builder you use. Various upgrade levels allow much more advanced features that aren’t included in free plans.

If you’re running a business or attempting to monetize your website, it’s rarely worth trying to save a few dollars per month by making it with a free website builder.

Consider exploring the subscriptions your favorite website builder offers and seeing if you can make room in your budget for one.  

| Best Free Website Builder – Summary

The wast need for websites created a beautiful phenomenon of free website builders. Not only they cost nothing but they also provide highly intuitive editors with beautiful pre-made templates.

Some of the very famous builders like Wix and Weebly offer free plans along with their beautiful templates and powerful editors available.

For a quick start, you’ll not regret working with Strikingly, Site123 or uCraft. Not to mention, the best pick for bloggers on a budget would be a free WordPress.com plan.

And even if you’re hesitating to start a business website, you can find cost-free solutions with ConstantContact, Jimdo or Mozello.

Now, free website builders are always limited versions. Most likely you’ll be getting platform advertising, branded subdomains, and constrained server resources. So even if it works as a good way to start your online presence, keep in mind to study what offered for an upgrade.

To recap, these are the best free website builder options:

  1. Wix – Best all-round free website builder. 
  2. SITE123 – Best for beginners. 
  3. WordPress.com – Best free blog creator. 
  4. Constant Contact – Best for free builder features. 
  5. Strikingly – Best single-page free website builder. 
  6. Jimdo – Best for multi-language websites. 
  7. Weebly – Best for professional design templates. 
  8. Mozello – Best free online store builder. 
  9. Ucraft – Best for powerful themes. 
  10. Webnode – Best for getting online fast.